Good Burger 2 to Premiere on Paramount+ in November

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The famous duo Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are returning on Good Burger 2 this November. get ready to cozy up and watch your beloved 1990s film sequel. Seeing the two timeless characters in the revival series of their cult classic will certainly rattle nostalgia. Here are all the updates you need before the official trailer release.

Good Burger 2 Release Dates

Good Burger 2 will premiere on the streaming platform, Paramount+. The release date for the US and Canada is November 22, 2023. Meanwhile, Australian and British viewers can access the movie sequel on November 23, 2023.

Good Burger 2 Teaser 

The official teaser was released four weeks ago. It showed the same backdrop and cinematography of the cult classic movie Good Burger. Surely, the cult status is incomplete without the famous car burger seen in the first few shots. Kel Mitchell bumps into Kenan Thompson. The former has been promoted from cashier to manager of the fast-food restaurant Good Burger. And the new set of employees unanimously say the famous lines, “Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can we take your order?” No wonder it’s the most played scene of the teaser. Thus, such is the impact of the protagonists on American Buddy Comedy Films.

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Good Burger 2 to Premiere on Paramount+ in November
Good Burger 2 to Premiere on Paramount+ in November

Kenan and Kel’s Thoughts on the Beloved Movie Revival Series

In an interview with Today, Kenan Thompson Kel Mitchell commented on the sequel movie movie. Kenan Thompson said in the interview, ” We are really proud that we are making something that everybody can just gather around and enjoy something together.” He added, “It is just good, clean, straightforward humor.” Something that has been missing in the recent, isolated approach of television series focused on raunchy, crass comedy. Good Burger was a popular film among children. Hence, Good Burger 2 was a much-needed addition to the recent list of African-American comedy films.

The two discussed picking the old characters after all these years was challenging. However, they were glad people who grew up watching the movie can now enjoy it with their kids and families. Certainly, it will be an entertaining watch with the same old catchphrases and OG characters seen with a twist in Good Burger 2.

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Feature Film Plot Summary

The plot follows two main protagonists, the original cashier of the burger joint, Ed, played by Kel Mitchell, and his buddy, Dexter Reed, played by Kenan Thompson. In the sequel, the two reunite after 26 years. However, things have changed at Good Burger with new employees and challenges.

Dexter Reed’s antics do not end in Good Burger 2. After a series of failed interventions, he is still hopeful that one of his ingenious plans will help save Good Burger. However, his friend, Ed, gladly took him back into the crew. The failed inventor devises new plans to set himself up for failure. Hence, putting the joint at stake.

The storyline is adapted from a children’s novel, Good Burger 2 Go. It was written by Aladdin in 1998 and is now incorporated as the plot reference for the sequel to the original film.

Good Burger 2 Cast

The new employees in Good Burger 2 make for an interesting cast of characters. These include Cecil McNevin, played by Lil Rel Howery, Mia, played by Kamaia Fairburn, Jillian Bell as Katt Boswell, Mr. Jensen, played by Fabrizio Guido, Alex R. Hibbert plays Ed2, Anabel Graetz plays Ruth. Meanwhile, Cindy and Mindy are played by Elizabeth Hinkler and Emily Hinkler, respectively.

Additionally, there are surprising celebrity cameos in the entire movie. They include Carmen Electra acting as Roxanne, Josh Server playing Fizz, and Lori Beth Denberg playing Connie Muldoon.

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What Makes the Feature Film Highly Popular

Since the Nickelodeon Classic – Good Burger came out in 1997, people have been asking if there is going to be Good Burger 2. The popular film garnered a massive audience because of  Kenan and Kel’s comedic ingeniousness. The two quickly became the audience’s favorite characters.

Moreover, before the filming of the movie, the duo was already popular. They were exceptionally loveable in the 90s show, All That. It was aired on Nickelodeon Studios. They were only teenagers, but they had raw talent that appealed to the audience. Hence, Good Burger 2 also seems like a promising movie. Check it out on Paramount+ this fall!

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