The Simpsons Season 34 Sets Release Date on Disney+

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The iconic Emmy Award, Anny Award, and Peabody Award-winning animated series “The Simpsons” is ready to take the internet by storm. Now, exciting news is on the horizon for fans as The Simpsons season 34 gears up for release on Disney+. As The Simpsons has stood as a staple in the world of television for decades, The Simpsons season 34 will double the charm of the beloved series. The show revolves around the quirky Simpson family and the inhabitants of Springfield.

Above all, all the seasons encapsulate their humorous journeys as well. However, The Simpsons has become a cultural phenomenon as its rich history of satire and social commentary has attracted many. Keep reading the article to learn everything about the upcoming release of The Simpsons season 34 on streaming giant Disney+.

Release Date: A Date with the Simpsons

The Simpsons season 34 will be released on Disney+ on October 11, 2023. The announcement was made with a peek into its eerie anime-style Treehouse of Horror special. The Simpsons season 34 returns on Disney+, and some Simpson-style spookiness, laughter, and sarcasm will mark a significant moment for the show. Also, it is an achievement for the franchise to become a part of the streaming community of Disney+.

Furthermore, the 34th season of this enduring series graced FOX screens between September 2022 and May 2023, entertaining viewers with a total of 22 episodes. On the other hand, The Simpsons season 35 is scheduled to premiere on FOX on October 11, 2023.

Moreover, among these episodes, the 750th episode of the series titled “Homer’s Adventures Through the Windshield Glass” marked an exciting milestone. The season was further enriched with remarkable voice appearances from guest stars, including Fred Arisen, Anna Faris, Will Forte, Simu Liu, Lizzo, Rob Lowe, Melissa McCarthy, Jade Novah, Aubrey Plaza, John Roberts, and many more.

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The Simpsons Season 34 Sets Release Date on Disney+
The Simpsons Season 34 Sets Release Date on Disney+

Disclosing the Titles of Episodes in The Simpsons Season 34

As the series has been releasing brand-new seasons for decades, how can we expect fewer episodes in The Simpsons season 34? Well, to your surprise, the advancing chapter on Disney+ has over twenty episodes to captivate audiences. Let’s look at the titles of the upcoming The Simpsons season 34.

  • Habeus Tortoise—Episode 1 of Season 34
  • One Angry Lisa—Episode 2 of Season 34
  • Lisa the Boy Scout—Episode 3 of Season 34
  • The King of Nice—Episode 4 of Season 34
  • Not It—Episode 5 of Season 34
  • Treehouse of Horror XXXlll—Episode 6 of Season 34
  • From Beer to Paternity—Episode 7 of Season 34
  • Step Brother from the Same Planet—Episode 8 of Season 34
  • When Nelson Met Lisa—Episode 9 of Season 34
  • Game Done Changed—Episode 10 of Season 34
  • Top Goon—Episode 11 of Season 34
  • My Life as a Vlog—Episode 12 of Season 34
  • The Many Saints of Springfield—Episode 13 of Season 34
  • Carl Carlson Rides Again—Episode 14 of Season 34
  • Bartless—Episode 15 of Season 34
  • Hostile Kirk Place—Episode 16 of Season 34
  • Pin Gal—Episode 17 of Season 34
  • Fan-ily Feud—Episode 18 of Season 34
  • Write Off This Episode—Episode 19 of Season 34
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillars—Episode 20 of Season 34
  • Clown V. Board of Education—Episode 21 of Season 34
  • Homer’s Adventure Through the Windshield Glass—Episode 22 of Season 34

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The Simpsons Season 34: Tribute to Death Note in Tree House Horror Specials

In addition to The Simpsons season 34 debut on streaming platform, a glimpse into one of the season’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials was also unveiled. Notably, The Simpsons Season 34 has become the first season in the series to include a double dose of Treehouse of Horror specials. However, this sneak peek showcases a scene from the segment titled “Death Tome,” playfully paying homage to the anime masterpiece Death Note. The image depicts an animated rendition of Lisa Simpson in a terrified state, accompanied by a Simpsons-style depiction of the uncanny Ryuk lurking behind her. Both the image and the segment itself lovingly honor the spooky anime vibe.

Some Facts About The Simpsons

As we know, one of the longest-running scripted primetime television series is The Simpsons. Over its extensive run since its debut in December 1989, the series has broadened its array of characters to include the diverse and eccentric population of Springfield. Matt Groening, the genius behind the show, created The Simpsons, originally aired on FOX in 1989. The Simpsons quickly rose to fame and became a staple of 1990s popular culture. Adding to its legacy, The Simpsons Movie hit screens in 2007.

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Explore 750 Episodes and More on Disney+

The streaming service proudly hosts Seasons 1–33 of this beloved series, alongside exclusive Disney+ specials, short films, and The Simpsons Movie. You can explore this vast collection of Simpsons content in the dedicated “The Simpsons Collection” section on the app.

So, embrace yourself as The Simpsons season 34 is alighting on Disney+ with different tales swamped with laughter, wit, manipulations, and missions to keep up the lore of amusement. If you find waiting challenging, FOX is there to calm the growing excitement as The Simpsons season 34 has ended there, and season 35 is in the pipeline.

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