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Fans of Mike Tyson are looking for updates on Mike Season 2. After all, the first season was a hit, and everyone loved it. So now there is a demand for Mike Season 2. Continue reading this article to find out the latest updates about the upcoming season of Mike.

What is Mike About?

The show follows the famous Mike Tyson on his incredible rise to stardom. Mike started out in life with nothing, but with hard work and drive, he rose quickly to prominence in the world of boxing. However, his unexpected stardom led to some unpleasant consequences.

Throughout his life, Mike got himself into a number of sticky situations related to the law, money, and his own reputation. He overcame his difficulties and became a stronger person as a result of the lessons he learned along the way. This is the real-life inspiration for the events in Mike.

Has Mike Been Renewed or Cancelled for a Second Season?

Even though it hasn’t been officially announced, season two of the biographical drama “Mike” will most likely happen. The popularity of this show, that is based on true events, can be seen in the ratings.

Has Mike Been Renewed or Cancelled for a Second Season?
Has Mike Been Renewed or Cancelled for a Second Season?

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What is the Release Date of Mike Season 2?

Assuming all goes according to plan, additional episodes will debut in the summer of 2023. Though nothing is official yet. No formal word on whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season has been made public by the production team as of now.

Mike Season 2 Release Date
Mike Season 2 Release Date

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Who will be in the Cast of Mike Season 2?

We do not know who will be present in season 2, but the following actors are present in season 1 of mike:

  • Kerry Sims playing the role of Tyson entourage,
  • Trevante Rhodes playing the role of Mike Tyson,
  • Scott Mac Donald playing the role of Tyson’s Trainer,
  • Harvey Keitel playing the role of Cus D’Amato,
  • Kale Browne playing the role of Bill Cayton,
  • Russell Hornsby playing the role of Don King,
  • B.J. Minor playing the role of Teen Mike,
  • Ethan Dubin playing the role of Teddy Atlas,
  • Li Eubanks playing the role of Desiree Washington,
  • Kenneth Trujillo playing the role of Cut Man,
  • Greg Kaston playing the role of Rev. Jesse Jackson,
  • Jackie Sanders playing the role of Barbara Walters,
  • Lawrence J. Hughes playing the role of Crocodile.
  • Laura Harrier playing the role of Robin Givens,
  • Grace Zabriskie playing the role of Camille D’Amato,
  • Olunike Adeliyi playing the role of Lorna Mae, 
  • T.J. Atoms playing the role of Barkim,
  •  Ethan Barrett playing the role of Young Mike,
  • Terrin Hill playing the role of Frank Bruno,
  • Chédra Arielle playing the role of Denise Tyson,
  • Bennett Saltzman playing the role of Cracked Teeth,
  • Summer Madison,
  • Kycia Johnson,
  • Patricia Bethune playing the role of Marilyn Murray.

We think at least some, if not all, of the actors, will be present in Mike Season 2.

Who will be in the Cast of Mike Season 2?
Who will be in the Cast of Mike Season 2?

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Since the production of season 2 has yet to begin, there is no trailer for it. However, stay tuned for more updates.

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