The Old Guard 2 is Expected to Have Release Date on Netflix in 2023

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Will The Old Guard 2 bring back a fresh take on this superhero film franchise? Gina Prince-Bythewood directed the film based on Greg Rucka’s famous comic book series. If you are a true comic book fan, you already know Greg from his superhit works like Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Gotham Central, and more. Thus, it is more than a film; in fact, the second installment is likely to continue the history of the works. This action movie was quite an adventure for the fans. The immortal gang headed by Andromache is always taking risks to save the world from heinous crimes. But will the fans get to explore the world full of crime and justice yet again?

Netflix has been straightforward with the renewal status this time. So, what was it? Will we get The Old Guard 2? We understand your curiosity, and we are wasting no time spilling the truth.

The Old Guard 2 Expected Release Date

The Old Guard 2 will release on Netflix in early 2023, but the exact date hasn’t been confirmed. Netflix gave the green-lit to the sequel on 27th January 2021. This will take a little longer since the pandemic did postpone a lot of the initial production plans. As a matter of fact, production first began during the first quarter of 2022. The crew filmed it in many parts of the UK. The filming wrapped up in September 2022. With post-production and visual effects in line, it will take almost a year to get the final results. There are a lot of stunts, and the film heavily depends on CGI effects, including gunfire and explosions. Moreover, in August 2022, the set caught on fire and resulted in further delay. So, a quick delivery is not easy to attain all of these in a short time frame.

The Old Guard 2 is Expected to Have Release Date on Netflix in 2023
The Old Guard 2 is Expected to Have Release Date on Netflix in 2023

To further keep the fans updated about the upcoming film, the OTT platform announced director Gina Prince-Bythewood’s departure after Victoria Mahoney for The Old Guard 2 replaced her. The first film was out on 10th July 2020, and it was an instant hit. Superhero film fans live for movies like this.

What Is The Expected Plot For The Old Guard 2

The sequel will be enjoyable after all that happened in part 1. In The Old Guard 2, fans might be able to explore Quynh and Booker’s plan that they have for Andy. Or will the duo just proceed to strike out all by themselves? Though we all can agree that Andy was at no fault when Quynh was thought to be a witch, the case is a little deeper than this. You also cannot deny that Andy took no initiative in saving her reputation.

We have seen Any and the team questioning time and again if their efforts are, in reality, helping humans. Or are all of their constant pain and sacrifices going pointless? But later, James Copely revealed that most saved victims had accomplished great things in life. In fact, their descendants also became some of the most notable figures remembered ever in history. So, we will see how the teams feel about serving their eternal mission.

The biggest twist that fans saw at the end of the 2020 film was that Quynh is not dead. Andy saw Quynh getting surely about to hit the bottom of the ocean, and there was no one to save her. Of course, there was no escaping from death. But Quynh is alive, and now she is confronting Booker, who was living in exile for over 100 years after the team’s betrayal. After losing all her super-recovery skills, Quynh will now fight the trials of normal life in The Old Guard 2. So, how will she sustain herself?

The Cast Of The Old Guard 2

The replacement of the director did concern fans, but thankfully, the cast will be the same. With the announcement of the changes and confirmation, the cast list was also out. The cast and characters with whom we have formed such a close bond will return. So, here is the list of the cast members of The Old Guard 2:

  • Charlize Theron as Andy/Andromache
  • KiKi Layne as Nile Freeman
  • Ngô Thanh Vân as Quynh
  • Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker
  • Marwan Kenzari as Joe
  • Luca Marinelli as Nicky
  • Harry Melling as Steven Marrick

You may see certain new faces, but those names won’t be out anytime before the release.

The Cast Of The Old Guard 2
The Cast Of The Old Guard 2

Is There A Trailer?

No, the trailer will be available only after the release date is settled. You have to be a little more patient.

It is a relief that Netflix didn’t cancel The Old Guard 2, just like many of its projects. Once the trailer is out, fans will be ready to watch the film as soon as it drops on the platform. So, are you a fan of superhero movies?

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