Jermaine Franklin Net Worth in 2023 is Jermaine Franklin Net Worth is Approximately $500,000

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Wondering how much Jermaine Franklin net worth is? Well, boxing is a make-or-break career, and Franklin, for sure, has made a name for himself. Read this article to find out Jermaine Franklin net worth. 

Jermaine Franklin Net Worth

It is estimated that Jermaine Franklin net worth is approximately $500,000. He began his professional boxing career in 2015 and has participated in 20 more fights, earning around $1.2 million. Nevertheless, Franklin’s breakthrough point was in November 2022, when he received approximately $400,000 for his fight against Dillian Whyte.  

Franklin’s impressive career earnings result from his numerous victories in the ring. Over the years, he has honed his skills and established himself as a formidable opponent, commanding high fees for his appearances. His hard work and dedication have undoubtedly paid off, as evidenced by the substantial sums he has earned throughout his career. It appears that 989 Assassin is a promising boxer who has the potential to make a bigger name for himself in the future, but he still has some work to do to establish himself as a top contender in the sport.

What is Jermaine Franklin Net Worth in 2023
What is Jermaine Franklin Net Worth in 2023

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Furthermore, Franklin’s net worth is expected to increase following his upcoming fight with ‘AJ’ (Anthony Joshua), regardless of whether he wins or loses. This is because a fight with Joshua typically results in a career-high payday for the opponent. Franklin will likely receive $800k for participating in the bout. He will receive an even greater amount if he wins. 

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Brand Endorsements of Jermaine Franklin 

When he’s not boxing, Franklin has a partnership agreement with Empire. It is a company that specializes in producing boxing equipment such as hand-wrapping tape and gloves. However, the exact amount that Franklin receives from Empire in exchange for using their gear and promoting their brand remains undisclosed.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Jermaine Franklin net worth?

As of 2023, Franklin’s estimated net worth is around $500,000, according to our sources.

When was Jermaine Franklin born?

The American boxer Jermaine Franklin was born on October 21, 1993, and is 29 years old.

What is the relationship status of Jermaine Franklin?

Franklin is currently unmarried, and there is no information available on his dating life. 

Has Franklin lost any matches?

On November 26, 2022, Franklin fought against British boxer Dillian Whyte in a non-title match, but he was defeated by a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

What is Franklin’s Nationality?

Franklin holds American nationality.

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