Gargoyles Remastered launches in October for PC and Consoles

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Get ready to spread your wings and embark on a thrilling adventure through the mystical world of Gargoyles. The beloved animated series from the ’90s is returning triumphantly with Gargoyles Remastered. The game will launch in October for PC and consoles. This remastered edition promises to captivate fans of the original series. Meanwhile, it will also introduce a new generation to the mesmerizing world of stone protectors.

The Resurrection of a Classic

Gargoyles initially aired in the mid-’90s, was celebrated for its intricate storytelling, complex characters, and unique blend of fantasy and mythology. The original game followed the adventures of a group of ancient stone gargoyles who awaken in modern-day Manhattan to defend the city against supernatural threats. The show garnered a dedicated fanbase and left a lasting legacy.

Now, over two decades later, Gargoyles Remastered offers fans a chance to relive the magic in a new way. This remastered edition is not just a mere rehashing of the past but a lovingly crafted tribute to the original series.

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Gargoyles Remastered launches in October for PC and Consoles
Gargoyles Remastered launches in October for PC and Consoles

What is the Release Date of Gargoyles Remastered?

The eagerly anticipated Gargoyles Remastered, which was officially revealed in September 2022, is set to make its debut on multiple platforms. Publisher Disney Games, in collaboration with developer Empty Clip Studios, has confirmed that the game will be available for:

  • PlayStation 4,
  • Xbox One,
  • Nintendo Switch,
  • PC via the Steam and GOG platforms.

Fans can mark their calendars for the exciting release date of October 19. The game is affordably priced at $14.99.

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About The Game Gargoyles Remastered

Within this captivating gaming experience, players will find themselves immersed in the epic odyssey of Goliath and the valiant Gargoyles.  They stand resolute in their battle against the malevolent Eye of Odin, determined to rescue the world from impending devastation. As players assume the mantle of Goliath, they will harness his formidable stone-shattering might and ascend stone fortifications and structures with razor-sharp talons. Furthermore, they will gracefully soar through the skies, mastering the art of mid-air assaults and close-quarters combat, all within an exhilarating, ceaseless whirlwind of action and adventure.

Graphics and Visuals

One of the most striking aspects of Gargoyles Remastered is the enhanced visuals. The game’s graphics is completely reimagined for modern gaming platforms. This includes PCs and consoles. Expect crisp, high-definition visuals that bring the stone protectors and their world to life like never before.

Gargoyles Remastered also includes a handy feature known as instant rewind.  This will allow players to rectify any errors should they find themselves in an unfortunate fall or meet an untimely demise. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the original soundtrack has undergone a remastering process. Making sure that the auditory experience is as sublime as the visual one.

The development team has meticulously recreated the characters, from Goliath to Demona, with attention to detail.  Ensuring us that they retain their iconic appearances while benefiting from the latest in graphical technology. The gothic architecture of Manhattan and the eerie ambiance of the series’ settings have also received a fresh coat of paint.  This guarantees an immersive gameplay experience.

The game offers a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and intense action, allowing players to experience the thrill of being a gargoyle in a world teeming with magic and danger. Whether you’re gliding through the night sky or battling supernatural foes, Gargoyles Remastered promises a gameplay experience that feels both familiar and fresh.

Is there any trailer Available for the game?

Yes, there is!


Gargoyles Remastered represents a nostalgic journey reimagined for modern gaming audiences. With updated graphics, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a rich, expansive story, this remastered edition promises to captivate fans of the original series while welcoming newcomers into the enchanting world of stone protectors.

Prepare to spread your wings and join Goliath, Demona, and the rest of the clan. It will be an unforgettable adventure through the streets of Manhattan and the mystical realms beyond.

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